Number One

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So after talking about a starting a blog for quite some time, I’ve finally decided to go ahead with it. Mostly for updating those who care about the upcoming trip, but hopefully after to continue blabbing on about the random things I think about and the occasionally interesting things I do.

It’s come quickly, as almost everything seems to in life, but in less than three weeks my girlfriend Kylee and I will be checking our bags, and entering the departures lounge. I personally believe that travelling is one of the most important things you can do with your life. There are too many things in this world worth doing, food worth eating, people worth meeting, and experiences that you should have – both good and bad – that will have a profound impact on your life. Usually for the better. So with that said, the point I’m trying to make is that life is way to short to just simply fall into the ‘expected’, or ‘normal’ life… you should take every opportunity to do as many things and see as many places as you are able.  Which is why I started a blog, because that’s original… right?

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