Bangkok: The Moment I Knew I Was a Traveller

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Still riding the high from the Blade Runner-esque shock of Tokyo only a day prior, I stood standing on the rooftop of our hostel, struggling to grip the fast-warming sweaty beer in my hand. I remember every detail of this moment, the light brown stray dog in the alley below, the blue skirt drying on the line across said alley, the shards of broken glass embedded in concrete surrounding the local properties.
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The Future It was like stepping into the future, some 1980’s science fiction movie – Blade Runner perhaps. Everything was recognizable, yet evolution had somehow seemed to have taken its toll on every tiny aspect of day to day life. It began the moment we sat down on the train, still in awe with the fact that the subway station sold beer, with the press of a button our chairs spun around so the four of us could face each …

Number One

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So after talking about a starting a blog for quite some time, I’ve finally decided to go ahead with it. Mostly for updating those who care about the upcoming trip, but hopefully after to continue blabbing on about the random things I think about and the occasionally interesting things I do. It’s come quickly, as almost everything seems to in life, but in less than three weeks my girlfriend Kylee and I will be checking our bags, and entering the …