The Best Things to do in Medellin

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Medellin is an outstanding city. One of the best we’ve ever visited in over ten years of travel. From the delicious food to parks and literal high-flying activities; there are so many great things to do in Medellin – It’s one of the reasons we so quickly fell in love with the city. We’ve put together a list of our favourite activities for anyone visiting this great city; whether you’re a short-term traveller stopping by for a few days or …

Why you Need to Visit Jardin, Colombia

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When we first made our way to the quiet Puebla of Jardin, the plan was to spend one or two nights before continuing on. Not wanting to spend a full day in transit to reach the towns of Filandia and Salento further South, we were simply looking for something to break up the journey. As the road twisted through high mountain passes blanketed in heavy fog, we still weren’t entirely sure what to expect. Soon, the late afternoon sun cut …

Visiting Guatape, Colombia

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My lungs burned and I was far too sweaty for this early in the morning. I should have eaten more than a bunuelo for breakfast. 475… Only 200 more steps to go. Aside from the realization that I’ve become incredibly out of shape over the passed two months, the view from up here is stunning. The colourful town of Guatape is a tiny scattering of buildings in the distance. 500… The Road to Guatape When one of our friends from …

Cliff Jumping in Tamanique, El Salvador

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El Tunco is typically known for two things, either a quick stopover point after crossing into El Salvador from Guatemala, or for surfing. Considering the rocky coastline and our lack of surfing skills, we fit into the first category. A few short hours on a bus from Antigua to El Tunco, or five chicken busses over an entire day to get to anywhere else in El Salvador, it wasn’t a tough decision…

Volcano Boarding by Night in Nicaragua

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I was completely blind, flying down the side of an active volcano at 70 kilometres an hour on a piece of wood, rocks bouncing off my face, under a moon hidden by clouds. Volcano boarding is one of the biggest draws for most backpackers in Nicaragua, a must do. It was one of the top activities on the list of things to do this trip. Our hostel in Leon happened to also be one of the operators of this unique …

The Cameron Highlands of Malaysia

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The majority of backpackers in Southeast Asia tend to focus on Thailand. Those with a little more freedom often venture through Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. When time is available, occasionally they’ll spend a bit of time visiting Malaysia, but typically tend to stick to either the beaches or a quick stop over in Kuala Lumpur. Unfortunately, one of the most beautiful spots in the entire country of mainland Malaysia is often overlooked: the Cameron Highlands. With a much cooler climate …

The Slow Boat into Laos

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Waking early enough for a quick breakfast before doing one final pack of our bags, we make sure everything is in order and make our way down the dusty path toward the dock. The literal border ‘crossing’ is done in a small canoe powered by an outboard motor, just strong enough to fight the currents of the Mekong River.
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