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With just under a week remaining in the trip, the mood is bittersweet. Any time a journey is reaching it’s end, one can’t help but feel uneasy, the excitement and freedom is soon to be replaced once again with work and schedules. It’s been a hectic journey to this point, with a lot of stops crammed into a fairly short window of time, but there’s still one final stop that I’d been looking forward to for a very long time. …

Pokhara: Earthquake, Cloud Village and a Ring

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Pokhara is, compared at east to Kathmandu, a quiet relaxing town on a beautiful lake. Though being on the tourist trail, it also is full of cheesy bars, shops, restaurants and hotels, although for the most part, the place still keeps its charm. Overall, a pretty relaxed week here, aside from the mild excitement caused by the earthquake the first evening… It happened right near the India/Nepal boarder on the far east of the country, and it turns out, we …

Seoul: Jet Lag, and the Art of Suction Cup Chewing

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Round two: Seoul. Sleep deprived, and awake at 2:30am, once again we’re off to the airport to check out how things roll on the other side of the planet. Flying into Seattle first with the intention of spending at least a part of our 6 1/2 hour layover outside of the airport and checking out a bit of the city, we finally decide against it. The chaos caused on the east coast due to hurricane Irene has caused thousands of …

Perth: Our Entry into Australia

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Looking at the bill, we were stunned. $25 for only a handful of groceries! While it was something we had anticipated, it still took some time to get used to. The often laughably cheap prices we’d become so used to over the past nearly half-year in Southeast Asia were no more. The time had come for our journey to continue, to the second round of this epic adventure. Flipping through yet another new currency, we laughed as Men At Work’s …


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Our final week on the Southeast Asian peninsula brought us full circle – sort of. The half-year adventure in one of the most beautiful regions on earth began in the ultra-modern world of Tokyo and ended in the almost as modern world of Singapore. The only real downside to our arrival in Singapore was the sudden increase in costs, as we had officially returned to the ‘West’. Staying at the Inncrowd hostel in Little India, we had very little in …

Bangkok: The Moment I Knew I Was a Traveller

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Still riding the high from the Blade Runner-esque shock of Tokyo only a day prior, I stood standing on the rooftop of our hostel, struggling to grip the fast-warming sweaty beer in my hand. I remember every detail of this moment, the light brown stray dog in the alley below, the blue skirt drying on the line across said alley, the shards of broken glass embedded in concrete surrounding the local properties.
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The Future It was like stepping into the future, some 1980’s science fiction movie – Blade Runner perhaps. Everything was recognizable, yet evolution had somehow seemed to have taken its toll on every tiny aspect of day to day life. It began the moment we sat down on the train, still in awe with the fact that the subway station sold beer, with the press of a button our chairs spun around so the four of us could face each …