Thank you, Chef.
A Tribute to Anthony Bourdain

I’m not here to pretend to understand the man, I didn’t know him, like most of you I only know what he shared openly, in his books and on television. All I can do is share my own thoughts on how much of a profound impact he had on mine and Kylee’s lives.

Pickle Perspective, or: Memento Mori

While I sat there enjoying this sweet-salty snack, it occurred to me that in a few short days, I’d be leaving on this incredible journey. Although I’m sure that certain grocery stores, in a few cities, in the occasional country, might carry these delicious bites; the likelihood of finding them again soon may prove dubious.

Eat Better, Eat Street Food

Above all else, one of the greatest aspects of travel for Kylee and I, are the tastes and smells of the local cuisine in a foreign land; and while there are plenty of restaurants who often do a fairly good job, it’s the street food that truly speaks to us.

The Best Travel Books
We've Ever Read

When we sold our belongings, we couldn't part with our favourite books. Out of those favourites, we’ve picked our absolute best and put together this list for you. If you’re a traveller, have ever dreamed of travel, or simply like the tale of a great journey – any one (or all!) of these books should be on in your collection.

At Least the Coconuts were Free

Being budget travellers we’re always looking for ways to stretch the dollars as far as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to volunteer your time in exchange for food and accommodation. While it isn’t quite as helpful as actually earning an income, we just aren’t yet in a position to make that happen, simply not spending anything is better than nothing.

Central America: Reflecting on Five
Months in the Region

It’s such a tiny area. The entirety of Central America – including the regions of Mexico we visited – could fit within the country of France. Yet every country is different than the next, each one having its own distinct culture.

Travel is the Worst, Part 1:
El Tunco to León

The worst part of travelling is travel. We’ve said this in the past and the theme continues to reiterate itself to us on a regular basis. Long waits in dusty parking lots, bumpy bus rides, delayed flights, wrong turns and added costs are just part of the deal. Often the physical act of travelling is the worst aspect of being a traveller.