Visiting Guatape, Colombia

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My lungs burned and I was far too sweaty for this early in the morning. I should have eaten more than a bunuelo for breakfast. 475… Only 200 more steps to go. Aside from the realization that I’ve become incredibly out of shape over the passed two months, the view from up here is stunning. The colourful town of Guatape is a tiny scattering of buildings in the distance. 500… The Road to Guatape When one of our friends from …

The Evolution of Medellin’s Notorious Comuna 13

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For years, Medellin was the most dangerous city in the world. Between the different drug cartels vying for control and the military attempting to control them. To leftist revolutionary guerrillas and the privately funded right-wing paramilitary groups locked in conflict. Car bombs, shootings, kidnappings and outright war were commonplace in the region. While the city itself stood amongst the most violent on earth, until as recently as 2010; one neighbourhood in particular ranked deadliest of all. The neighbourhood of San …

8 (Almost) Free Activities in Medellin

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Maybe you’ve arrived in Medellin at the end of your trip, money is running out. Perhaps you’ve spent a little more on beer or accommodation than expected and your budget is tighter than you planned. Whatever the reason, just because you’re looking to pinch pennies during your visit doesn’t mean you need to lock yourself in your dorm room. We’ve put together a quick list of the eight best activities you can do in Medellin for as as close to …

Central America: Reflecting on Five Months in the Region

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It’s such a tiny area. The entirety of Central America – including the regions of Mexico we visited – could fit within the country of France. Yet every country is different than the next, each one having its own distinct culture. In Guatemala for example, the Mayan roots are very obvious; from physical features to traditional clothing and general way of life. While right next door in El Salvador, due to several tragic moments in recent history, the Mayan culture …

Medellin Love

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I’ve fallen in love with cities in the past, but never this quickly. Bangkok took a bit of time, upon our second visit we finally dove into what she had to offer. However, within the first day of arriving in Medellín, with it’s cool air and laid-back vibe, It’s clear. I’m in love with this city.

Caribbean Colombia – Santa Marta

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After just narrowly making our flight in San Jose, we found ourselves high above the Caribbean as we flew towards Colombia. The flight itself was quite a treat; not only was there a significant amount of leg room, but there was a meal – with wine – included! This might not seem like much but considering the flight was under two short hours, most airlines won’t even offer pretzels! After a brief stop in Bogota, where we sampled some deep-fried …

Spending A Few Days in San Jose, Costa Rica

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An Easy Arrival Being budget travellers, our typical means of transportation is often questionable at best. And while we’ve definitely upped our standards over the years, we certainly don’t travel in luxury. The journey from Granada back in Nicaragua, to San Jose, Costa Rica is in the ballpark of 8-10 hours; and considering our last day of transit involving border crossings, we decided that this time we’d spoil ourselves. Already drenched with sweat following the half-hour walk under Granada’s hot …

How to Eat Great on a Budget in Granada

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Granada. A stunningly well-maintained colonial city, right on the lake, in the centre of Nicaragua. With it’s colourful buildings, manicured streets, fabulous central park, and the simple fact that it’s connected to nearly everything in the country – if you’re visiting the country, you’ll likely be spending some time in Granada. During our first visit to Nicaragua back in 2015, we were only in Granada for one full day before moving on, so on our most recent visit, we decided …