Visiting Guatape, Colombia

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My lungs burned and I was far too sweaty for this early in the morning. I should have eaten more than a bunuelo for breakfast. 475… Only 200 more steps to go. Aside from the realization that I’ve become incredibly out of shape over the passed two months, the view from up here is stunning. The colourful town of Guatape is a tiny scattering of buildings in the distance. 500… The Road to Guatape When one of our friends from …

Medellin Love

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I’ve fallen in love with cities in the past, but never this quickly. Bangkok took a bit of time, upon our second visit we finally dove into what she had to offer. However, within the first day of arriving in Medellín, with it’s cool air and laid-back vibe, It’s clear. I’m in love with this city.